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23. Born & Bred in Melbourne. Living & Learning in London. Loving & Dying in Bergen...History, Travel, Body Mod, Music, films, mind: my world

Wardruna Oslo 2010 on Flickr.
Seeing Wardruna again in September with Enslaved for Eidsivablot.It’s going to be something else! Chills just thinking about it!
"The Gods are blind. And men see only what they wish."

A Dance With Dragons (A Song Of Ice And Fire) - George R.R. Martin

FUCK, shouldnt be listening to these guys, cos now i wonna see them live.. but dammitt cant justify the cost =/

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Vikings » Trial (∞)

Can you still call them ‘friends’ if you don’t feel comfortable around them anymore..?

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Needed to cheer myself up. So #possessed tix have been bought!! \m/ #gravemiasma #unfathomableruination #metal #deathmetal #gig #londongigs
Closed Into The Boxed Size DIE on Flickr.Art Installation by João Onofre as part of Sculpture in the City, London. Band performing; Unfathomable RuninationCRAZY FUCKERS! Suffer for your art indeed! I think the idea is brilliant!

Can’t express how excited i am to see Dark Fortress live again! [and a new fucking album!!] London Winter is gonna slay on the gig front!! \m/

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